Member Services

As your destination marketing organization, we are working to establish a range of productive water-centric media channels and communication tools for members promoting products, experiences and services of the Salish Sea region. Our goal is to present potential visitors with highly relevant information about travel destinations and activities specifically available in the communities along the shores of the Salish Sea.

We help members to promote their offerings through display advertising, editorial coverage, social media, metro-kiosks and public events. Additionally, we produce syndicated advertorial campaigns that will appear in newsletters, blogs and related media around the world.

Future Services

We are working on the development of a number of programs to help build interest in traveling to destinations on the Salish Sea. These programs include producing a local consumer travel show, on-demand concierge service, retail visitor centers, corporate adventure incentives programs, promotional voucher syndication and youtube travel video documentary series.

Building awareness and community through new media channels is a constant objective in our quest to bring the Salish Sea to the minds of travelers.

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