Unique Marketing Channels

We have a number of unique communication channels that are being developed to capture different ranges of visitor interests. Our programs are designed to build awareness of culture and amenities around the Salish Sea.

Puget Sound Magazine - Our flagship communication channel providing traveler news and information about the more than 100 water-centric communities along the shores of the Salish Sea.

FarmBoat - A unique program promoting agri-maritime tourism through the production of authentic floating markets and development of local maritime trade routes. FarmBoat has been featured in numerous publications including Sunset Magazine. Salish Sea Tourism proudly offers unique promotional opportunities in conjunction with FarmBoat.

Experience The Sea - A new consumer-targeted catalog of water-centric activities to be eventually produced for qualified communities throughout the region.

Adventure Incentives - A corporate adventure awards program that delivers local Northwest experiences around the Salish Sea region.

Salish Sea Blog - We will soon be re-vamping this web site to echo a consolidation of straight-up member news and announcements to make it easier for travel industry professionals to find out about happenings around the Salish Sea.

UPWA - The Urban Public Waterfront Association was sponsored by Salish Sea Tourism to inspire the development of meaningful public access to the waters of the Salish Sea.

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