Ten Reasons to Join

There are many reasons to join the Salish Sea Tourism and Business Development Association depending on the type of organization represented. Here is a short list of some of the benefits to consider:

1.) Members participate in a unique, highly targeted water-centric destination marketing channel designed to pull visitors from the local metropolitan areas with opportunities for display advertising, editorial coverage and travel directory listings.

2.) Members benefit from increased public awareness through the development of a syndicated editorial campaign targeted at world-wide travel media.

3.) Special programs sponsored by Salish Sea Tourism like FarmBoat help bring attention and visitors to waterfront communities on the Salish Sea.

4.) Advocation for such issues as efficient cross-border travel will make it easier for visitors to plan extensive trips throughout the region.

5.) Membership increases collaboration between communities to encourage the planning of longer multi-stop touring itineraries throughout the region.

6.) The pooling of financial resources will make it possible to conduct high-quality promotions of the Salish Sea in major travel media networks and trade shows around the world.

7.) Camaraderie between Salish Sea stakeholders helps to define and strengthen inter-community ties that inspire economic collaboration.

8.) Membership helps raise world recognition of the Salish Sea and thus will increase the value of real estate investments throughout the region.

9.) Membership helps unify shared ecology and conservation concerns and goals by giving tourism organizations a collective voice in regulatory discussions.

10.) Membership will lead to enhancement of waterfront community relationships with important industries such as recreational boating, commercial fishing and maritime transportation.

Perhaps the single most important reason to join the Salish Sea Tourism and Economic Development Association is that membership will enhance the sustainability and economic vitality for future generations.

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